What is Stellic?

Stellic is a dynamic advising support platform that will empower students as they navigate their academic and personal path at UVA. Stellic offers comprehensive course planning and communication tools, enabling students to explore academic options, manage requirements, and connect with advisors and support systems. Stellic also enhances the advising experience for advisors with tools that help advisors keep track of their students’ plans and progress, and features that promote engagement between students, advisors, and faculty.

Why is the University adding Stellic to its toolkit for students and those involved in supporting them?

UVA has a complex academic environment, offering a rich array of academic programs and opportunities across schools. Students report that navigating this environment and finding resources and support can be challenging.  Stellic will make it easier for students to explore academic programs and find resources and opportunities related to their academic goals. Students will benefit from streamlined processes and personalized support, and advisors will benefit from tools that facilitate proactive and tailored guidance. The adoption of Stellic will help us to provide a holistic and equitable experience for every UVA undergraduate.

Who will use Stellic?

Stellic will serve all undergraduate students, as well as faculty and staff who serve advising roles across the University. As a holistic advising support platform, Stellic will be an essential tool for every individual who plays a role in guiding UVA students on their path to success.

What will Stellic enable us to do that is different from what we are able to do now?

Students will benefit from enhanced course planning tools that will help them explore majors and minors, discover new classes, and design potential paths for future semesters. Students will be able to connect with advisors across the University, curate a personal advising team, send and receive messages, and schedule appointments. Advisors will be able to review students’ academic plans, refer students to other schools and units, communicate with students, and create custom reports-- all within one platform.

When will I start using Stellic?

Students and the advisors who support them, will be phased into Stellic starting in Summer 2024 through early 2025. More detailed information on the release phases can be found by visiting the Stellic @ UVA homepage.

What resources will be available to help students, faculty, and staff learn how to use Stellic’s features effectively?

Training and support will be available to students, faculty, and staff as they gain access to Stellic. Training will be offered both in-person and online, with some elements synchronous and some asynchronous. Academic Affairs and the Office of the University Registrar (UREG) are working to develop training materials and opportunities. Staff will be available via email for ongoing support.

Will graduate and professional students use Stellic too? What about faculty and staff who work with graduate and professional students?

Our current release plan focuses on our undergraduate population. We are actively preparing to provide graduate planning support for our accelerated master’s students through Stellic. We will maintain direct communication with schools offering these programs to ensure they are kept informed of our progress. Once our initial implementation is completed, we will work with schools that offer graduate and professional programs to devise a strategy for implementing Stellic in those programs, as practicable.

Is Stellic replacing SIS?

No. Stellic is not a replacement for SIS. SIS performs a variety of functions and contains types of information that Stellic does not. 

Will students register for classes in Stellic?

No. Stellic will provide students with robust tools to plan classes for upcoming and future semesters, and to communicate with advisors. Students will continue to register for classes in SIS.

How will an individual user gain access to Stellic?

Students will receive emails from their school and the Stellic project team as the platform becomes available to them. They will not need to take any special action to gain access. The project team will provide online guides, in-person training sessions, virtual training sessions, and email support to help ensure that students get the most out of the platform.  

Faculty and staff will receive emails from their school/unit and the Stellic project team as their onboarding date approaches. To ensure that they understand the platform’s capabilities and how to use them, they will be required to undergo training in order to gain access to the platform.