Please use this form to request UREG to process Transfer Report or any third-party form(s) and allow 5-9 business days for completion of your request.

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Directory Information

The University of Virginia has defined directory information as student name, birth year, major field of study, school of enrollment, location of attendance, full/part-time status, level (graduate, undergraduate, etc.) and year in school, medical residency placement, expected graduation date, participation in officially-recognized activities and sports, dates of attendance, candidacy for degree, degrees, honors, scholarships, and awards received, any unique identifying number created for the purpose of compiling, releasing, or transmitting Directory Information.

To receive any information not included in the previous list, the student must provide the Office of the University Registrar with their signed authorization.

Note: Request will be processed in compliance with the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended

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Release of Information

Signing & Authorizing
By submitting this form, I authorize the Office of the University Registrar to release any academic information and the Office of the Dean of Students to release any disciplinary information required to fulfill this request for certification. The information may be sent via email, regular mail, and/or faxed to the contact(s) provided.