LEC         Lecture

A lecture course consists of classes that meet regularly for a specified number of hours; instruction is delivered in a lecture setting. May include class participation or interactive activities.

DIS         Discussion

A regular meeting time associated with a lecture and may be overseen by graduate students or teaching assistants.

SEM       Seminar

Brings together a relatively small group of students (<30) that meet regularly to discuss topics of interest under the direction of the instructor.

LAB        Laboratory

Instructing, preparing and supervising student investigations; designed to enhance student concept attainment, problem solving and critical thinking.

STO        Studio

A studio class has very few lectures. The instructor guides the students on projects and provides resources as necessary. Class activities build on each other and provide an integrated learning environment.

IND        Independent Study

A self-directed approach to the acquisition of knowledge and/or competence in which a student plans and carries out learning activities on his/her own, under the guidance of an instructor.

PRA        Practicum

A course, often in a specialized field of study, that is designed to give students supervised practical application of a previously or concurrently studied theory, knowledge or skill. 

WKS      Workshop

Similar to a laboratory; class in which a small group of students learn the methods and skills used in doing something.  Manual or specialized work may be conducted.

CLN        Clinical

Students perform clinical work under the supervision of an instructor.

DRL        Drill

A drill class consists of repetition exercises or activities. 

SPS        Special Session

A special, required class session (e.g., midterm, field trip, etc.) associated with a lecture, seminar, or other course component and that meets outside the course’s regular meeting schedule.