Dear Student, 

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! Before that day arrives, we want to make sure that your name is correctly printed on your diploma and that it is mailed to the correct address. To do this, please review your personal information in SIS. 

Diploma Name 

Your Primary Name in SIS will be the name printed on your diploma. Here's how to view it. Please note that updating your Preferred Name will not change how your name is printed on your diploma. 

If your Primary Name is incorrect or you want to make any changes, such as adding your middle name or omitting punctuation, please fill out the SIS Primary Name Update Form before May 1, 2024

Prefixes such as Mr., Mrs., Ms., or Dr. are not included on the diploma.

Diploma Mailing Address 

We will use your Diploma Address in SIS to mail your diploma. Please verify that all portions of the Diploma Address, including the country, are correct. We will not use your Home or Mailing Address to mail your diploma. 

 If you are leaving the country after graduation, we strongly suggest using the address of a friend or family member within the United States for your Diploma Address. This will ensure timely and safe delivery. 

Here's how to view and update your Diploma Address in SIS. The deadline to update your Diploma Address is also May 1, 2024. 

Diploma Shipping 

Diplomas are expected to ship in mid-July, and those shipped to the United States should be delivered in August. Those shipped internationally should be delivered in September. These dates are estimates only. 

When your diploma ships, you’ll receive an email from info@cecredentialtrust. This will provide you with tracking information for your official paper diploma, and instructions for accessing your CeDiploma through your SIS account. For more details visit the CeDiploma Information page

If you have any questions or concerns about your Primary Name or Diploma Address in SIS, please contact us at [email protected]

Best regards, 

Office of the University Registrar