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Dear Students,

As we approach the deadline to add and drop classes next week, I’m resending these important enrollment reminders for your review. Please read them carefully, even if you’re confident you don’t need to make any changes in SIS before the deadlines.

Last day to ADD classes: Wednesday, Feb. 1

If you want to add a class to your schedule, you have until 11:59 p.m. EST on Feb. 1.

Last day to DROP classes: Thursday, Feb. 2

In most undergraduate classes, Feb. 2 is the last day you can drop a class from your schedule. The last day to drop a class in the School of Engineering and Applied Science is Wednesday, March 1. Explore more information about spring enrollment.

Check (and recheck!) your class enrollment information in SIS.

Carefully check your enrollment information before the add/drop deadlines. Pay special attention to your grading option for each class. Most of your classes should be taken for a traditional grade (A-F), which is the “Graded” grading option in SIS.

Be careful about choosing “CR/NC” as a grading option.

Classes taken for CR/NC meet very few degree requirements. Check with your dean’s office or your school website for more information about your school’s rules regarding CR/NC.

Verify your enrollment in SIS, not UVACollab.

If a class doesn’t appear in your Class Schedule in SIS, you are not enrolled. If a class appears in your schedule in SIS, you are enrolled. Do not rely on UVACollab to verify your enrollment details. SIS is what counts!

The first days and weeks of the semester can be stressful, as well as joyous. Please pause to take a deep breath from time to time, allow yourself to enjoy the moment when you can, and reach out for help when you need it. We are here for one another. You can reach our team at [email protected] or 434-924-4122.

Kind regards,
Laura F. Hawthorne
Associate Vice Provost for Enrollment and University Registrar