IMPORTANT: Spring 2022 Enrollment Information 1.19.22 (G)

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January 19, 2022

Dear Students,

Welcome back! I hope you are rejuvenated and excited for your first week of classes. While things are not as COVID-free as we all might have hoped, we are delighted to welcome you back once more for an in-person semester on Grounds.
I write with a few, very important reminders about the start of term and the Student Information System (SIS).

Last day to add or drop classes from your schedule:
Wednesday, Feb. 2, is the LAST day you can ADD a class to your schedule. That means that after 11:59 p.m. EST that day, you will not be able to add another class or change the grading option in any of your classes. In most graduate classes, the following day, Thurs, Feb. 3, is the last day you can DROP a class from your schedule. The last day to drop a class in the School of Engineering and Applied Science is Wednesday, March 2.

Check (and recheck!) your class enrollment information in SIS.
Carefully check your class enrollment information in SIS before those deadlines. Recheck it two or three times, even if you’re sure it’s all correct. In particular, make sure your grading option for each class is correct. Most of your classes should be taken for a traditional grade (A-F), which is the Graded grading option in SIS.
Be careful about choosing CR/NC as a grading option.
Classes taken for CR/NC meet very few degree requirements. Check with your dean’s office or your school website for more information about your school’s rules regarding CR/NC.

Verify enrollment in SIS, not UVACollab.
Do not rely on UVACollab to verify your enrollment details. If a class doesn’t appear in your Class Schedule in SIS, you are not enrolled. If a class appears in your schedule in SIS, you are enrolled. Being added to or removed from a UVACollab site does not affect your enrollment status in SIS. SIS is what counts!

It’s exciting to be back in the classroom and interacting more in-person, even though the constantly changing landscape of the pandemic continues to add challenges that we hoped would be behind us by now. We’ve gotten this far by helping one another, showing ourselves and others more grace than we might normally show, and holding on to the primary reason we are here—to learn and grow together. Let’s keep doing that and make this semester a great one for everyone. 

Please let us know if you need us. Additional information regarding spring 2022 enrollment is available on our website. You can also reach our team at [email protected] or by calling 434-924-4122.

Kind regards,
Laura F. Hawthorne
Associate Vice Provost and University Registrar