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November 21, 2022

Dear students,

To ease the return to classes after Thanksgiving break, the University will offer additional grading options for undergraduate students this semester.

After completing a course and seeing your grade, you may keep the grade you earned, or instead choose Credit (CR)/General Credit (GC)/No Credit (NC). CR is awarded for a grade of C or higher; GC meets any degree requirement for a passing grade below C; NC is for a non-passing grade. A note about the reason for the CR/GC/NC option will be included on the transcript. Classes with the CR/GC/NC option are not considered in the calculation of your GPA. You will be able to elect the CR/GC/NC option in January after reviewing your grades.

This option is not available for courses at Darden, Law, and Medicine. If you are an undergraduate taking a graduate course, please consult with your Dean about whether this option is available in that course. Graduate students in schools other than Darden, Law and Medicine should consult with their Deans about whether these options are available in the courses you are taking.

Because choosing whether to take a letter grade or the CR/GC/NC option can have implications for graduate school admission and career paths, I strongly recommend that you talk about your decisions with your academic advisors.

Due to the deep variety in the types of courses we offer (across lectures, seminars, labs, performance-based courses, clinical assignments, etc.) we are not establishing any University-wide guidance on assignments in the post-Thanksgiving period. That is best handled at the individual school level, and I know that our Deans and faculty are actively thinking about how to show as much flexibility as possible and to focus on the most essential elements of your courses to help ensure that you are not overburdened as you finish your classes and turn to preparing for finals.

The University Registrar will send you details about how you can choose to elect the CR/GC/NC option in early January. For now, I simply want you to know of the option as you gather with family, friends, and loved ones before returning for the final weeks of the semester.

As we turn to Thanksgiving while in the midst of grievous loss, I am thankful for you, thankful for the compassion and devotion you have shown to one another, and, above all, thankful for the memory of Devin, D’Sean, and Lavel, whose sparkling lives endure in your commitment to them.


Ian B. Baucom