Fall 2020 Veterans & Other Students Using Military Educational Benefits FAQs

What does the VA consider full-time for the fall semester?
The VA considers undergraduates full-time at 12 credit hours. The rate of pursuit (part-time, full-time, etc.) for graduate students is determined by the school of enrollment.
How does part-time enrollment impact my tuition and fee payment?

We do not anticipate any impact to your tuition and fee payment.

How does part-time enrollment impact my monthly housing allowance?

You must be enrolled more than ½ time (more than 6 credit hours) to be eligible for the monthly housing allowance. Students enrolled in 7-11 credit hours may be eligible for a reduced monthly housing allowance.

How will the J-term/summer session courses be reported to the VA?

J-term and summer session courses are non-traditional courses (outside the normal fall/spring semesters). As such, they are certified based on the start/end dates of each course.

Will the decision to move instruction online following Thanksgiving impact the monthly housing allowance?

The University will certify resident courses converted to online modality as resident courses if the start date of the term is prior to December 21, 2020. This does not apply to courses that do not have a required in-person component.

Will I continue to receive the monthly housing allowance after the Thanksgiving break?

The course end date will determine the last date you will be eligible to receive the monthly housing allowance (MHA).

If I am not able to attend my class in-person for health reasons, how does this impact my monthly housing allowance?

GI Bill® students who opt to utilize the online option of a course that has a required in-person component or converted to an online modality solely due to COVID-19 will continue to receive the monthly housing rate for resident training from March 1, 2020, to December 21, 20

Will the book stipend be impacted if I enroll part-time?

Book stipends are paid based on the number of credits you enroll in each term.

How will housing/dining plans be affected for GI Bill® recipients?

We do not certify books, meals, lodging, health insurance other fees that are not eligible for VA payment. Students are responsible for these charges, and all charges that remain on the student account.

Will the J-Term/summer session I courses that are included in the normal academic year tuition include study abroad programs?

Effective July 2020, VA benefits do not cover study abroad programs.

What if I become ill and cannot continue enrollment?

Students who become ill due to COVID-19 and cannot continue enrollment, should utilize the University's incomplete policy. We will work with each of school of enrollment to report incomplete grades on a case-by-case basis. You are not eligible for VA benefits while on a leave of absence.

If COVID-19 affects my ability to finish my degree on time, what financial options do I have?

You should speak with Student Financial Services regarding financial options.

What if I receive unsatisfactory grades while using my Post 9/11 GI Bill® benefits?

A non-punitive grade is a grade that does not count as earned credit and that does not affect progress standards for graduation. Examples of non-punitive grades are a "NP" (no pass), a "NC" (no credit) or a "U" (unsatisfactory). The grades do not count as earned credit and are not calculated into the grade point average. GI Bill ® benefits do not cover non-punitive grades.