Summer 2021 Degree Conferral and Diplomas

Degrees for all Summer 2021 graduates have been conferred. Diplomas have been ordered and will be shipped to the student’s identified Diploma Address in SIS.

Graduates should allow six to eight weeks from the shipment date for the delivery of diplomas to domestic addresses. For international shipments, additional delivery time may be required.

CeDiplomas will be available for downloading the same day as diplomas ship. At that time, graduates will be sent an email to their accounts regarding how to retrieve and download their CeDiplomas through the SIS Student Center. If you have questions or need additional assistance, please contact UREG.

Fall 2021

The last day to apply for Fall 2021 Graduation in SIS Self Service is Friday October 1, 2021. Fall 2021 degree conferral will take place the week of December 20th. Diplomas will be ordered for all Fall 2021 degree recipients after all degrees have been posted in SIS.

The deadline to update the Primary Name that will appear on the diploma is December 1, 2021. This update must be completed through the UREG SIS Primary Name Update Form.

Diplomas will be mailed to the student’s Diploma Address in SIS. To update the Diploma Address, changes can be made in the SIS Student Center under Personal Information. In order to guarantee shipment of the diploma to the correct address, any changes in SIS must be completed by August 1, 2021. Graduates will receive an email once diplomas ship and should allow six to eight weeks from the shipment date for delivery to domestic addresses. For international shipments, additional deliver time may be required. CeDiplomas will be available the same day as diplomas ship.

Diploma Information

  • If you plan to have your diploma framed, please note that framing processes that require heat can damage the diploma and should not be used.
  • While there is no "official" placement of the orange and blue ribbon, it is most commonly displayed diagonally across the top left corner, blue above orange. Replacement ribbon is available upon request at no charge.
  • Double majors are reminded that they receive only one degree—and thus only one diploma—but have both majors noted on their transcript.

The size of the UVA Diploma is 17" x 22".

Replacement/Duplicate Diplomas

Graduates’ original diplomas are automatically ordered by UREG once all degrees have been verified and posted. 

Replacement or Copy Diplomas: Unless the original diploma is returned with the request form, the ordered diploma will have the word 'Replacement' or ‘Copy’ inscribed discreetly below the seal.

Diploma Order Process

  • Complete the Diploma Order Form.
  • Send the completed form with payment to the following address.

UREG (Office of the University Registrar)
P.O. Box 400203
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4203

Diploma orders are placed on or around the 15th of each month.  The vendor requires 10-15 business days for processing.  Additional time is required for shipping.

Replacement and Copy diplomas are printed in the current format, including use of the signatures of the current president, dean, and registrar.


Beginning with May 2016 graduates, the Certified Electronic Diploma (CeDiploma) can be utilized for providing proof of graduation in instances for which the diploma is explicitly required. This electronic credential can be easily shared with third parties and validated by the University.

If you need a copy of your diploma for certification purposes, take your original diploma to a copy center and have an 8.5" x 11" photocopy made. Mail the copy to UREG (University Registrar) and we will certify and notarize it as being a true copy of the original.

We recommend that you confirm whether or not another document will serve the purpose for degree verification. Usually, companies or government agencies are looking for official proof of graduation, and only in rare cases involving foreign governments is a copy of the actual diploma needed. A certification or transcript can be obtained for less cost and in less time. (See Enrollment Verification).

International Authentication (aka. The Hague Apostille): Contact Virginia's Secretary of the Commonwealth. For individuals utilizing the CeDiploma, an Apostille is neither required nor necessary. Documents can be validated through this University website to provide absolute confidence in the credential's authenticity. Questions should be redirected to UREG.

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