How do I login to Curriculog?

Go to and login using NetBadge.

I am new and need a Curriculog account. How do I gain access to Curriculog?

Please email [email protected] for assistance.

Can more than one person be assigned the same role?

Yes, more than one person can be assigned the same role.

Can I add a file in the course proposal?

Yes, in the proposal's toolbox select Files (paperclip icon) > Browse > Upload. The file size cannot exceed 20MB.

Can an approver edit, add comments, and add files in a course proposal?

Yes, an approver can edit, add comments, and add files in a course proposal.

I have Save All Changes and Validate and Launched My Proposal’ but it has not moved forward in the workflow. How can I send my course proposal to the next person in the workflow?

After you have saved and launched your proposal, go to Decisions > Approve > Make My Decision for your course proposal to move to the next person in the workflow. Once you have successfully sent the course proposal to the next person in the workflow, you will see a green thumbs up in your workflow step.

Can I edit or add a comment to a course proposal when I have already approved and sent it to the next person in the workflow?

No, once you have sent your course proposal to the next person in the workflow, you are unable to make changes or add a comment.

How can I view edits?

To view edits, select the Discussion tab (text bubble icon) in the toolbox pane, locate the User Tracking dropdown, and select “Show current with markup” in the dropdown menu.

NOTE: When completing a course update, DO NOT make edits until the proposal is validated and launched.

What happens if my proposal is rejected?

If your proposal is rejected, then it will be sent back to the Originator.

Can I track my course proposal?

Yes, you can track your course proposal by adding the proposal to your Watch List. To add a proposal to your Watch List, select the bookmark icon on the course proposal.

Can I view my proposal after it has been completed?

Yes, to view a completed proposal, click on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the dashboard and enter the course's title or subject code (mnemonic) and catalog number.

What is Curriculog Digest?

Curriculog Digest is an email notification that updates users on their course proposal. All users receive the Digest on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Should I use Curriculog to submit major, minor, etc. changes?

No, at this time Curriculog is used only for course creation and course changes.

How do I delete a course proposal?

To delete an unlaunched proposal, go to the My Proposals tab, locate the proposal you wish to delete, and select the trash can icon.

To delete a launched proposal, email [email protected] for assistance.

If I used the wrong approval process, can the information I entered be switched to the correct approval process?

No. You will need to reenter the course information using the correct approval process. The Curriculum Management team is unable to transfer course information between approval processes.

Am I still able to submit proposals created in a previous academic year?

No. Once the Curriculog Approval Processes change to a new academic year, proposals from previous years must be resubmitted using the current year’s forms. For example, proposals that were created using the 23-24 forms, must be resubmitted once the 24-25 forms go live.

Is there training available?

Yes, please use the following link to access the Curriculog training videos and reference guide: NetBadge is required to access the materials.