Buildings at the University are fully accessible except as noted below. Buildings marked # are accessible to students using wheelchairs to the extent noted parenthetically; classes scheduled elsewhere in the building are not accessible. Buildings marked * are inaccessible to students using wheelchairs; classes scheduled in these buildings will be reassigned based on individual need. Students needing accommodation should contact the Student Disability Access Center (434-243-5180). Buildings are illustrated on the University web map and alphabetical locator.

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Building Code Building Description
ALD Alderman Library
AQC Aquatic and Fitness Center
AST Astronomy Building
BGC Birdwood Golf Course
BOND Bond House
BMU# Bayly Building (staff assistance required to use freight elevator)
BRK# Brooks Hall (first floor and basement only)
BRN Bryan Hall
BRO Brown College Library
BRY Bryant Hall
CAB New Cabell Hall
CAM Campbell Hall
CAU Cauthen House
CDW Clinical Department Wing
CHE Chemical Engineering Building
CMN Claude Moore Nursing
COB Cobb Hall
COC Cocke Hall
CHM# Chemistry Building (key needed for elevator)
CLK Clark Hall
CLM Clemons Library
DL1 Dell 1
DL2 Dell 2
DR1* Dawson's Row Residence 1
DRM# Drama Education Building (key needed for elevator)
DVS Hospital West, Davis Wing
FHL Fayerweather Hall
FRN* French House
GIB Gibson Hall
GIL# Gilmer Hall (key needed for elevator)
GSB Darden School
HAL# Halsey Hall (entering from the Clark Hall side there are no limitations)
HOD* Hotel D, East Range
HOM Home of the Instructor
HSBB Hunter Smith Band Building
ICE Charlottesville Ice Park
ISO International Study program outside the U.S.
JAG Judge Advocate General School
JOR# Jordan Hall (accessible entrances locked at night)
JSR Jesser Hall
KER# Kerchof Hall (first floor only)
LACY Lacy Hall
LEV# Levering Hall (first floor only)
LHO Lambeth House
LPJ# Luther P. Jackson House (first floor only)
LWO Lower West Oval Room, Rotunda
MCL McLeod Hall
MEC Mechanical Engineering Building
MED Old Medical School
MGM# Memorial Gymnasium (first floor and basement only; assistance needed at locked entrances; no access across the track on the second floor)
MHP Multistory Building (Old Hospital)
MH3 Monroe Hill Range
MIN Minor Hall
MON Monroe Hall
MRY Maury Hall (no ADA access to the basement; access to first and second floors through separate doors) (renamed to WNR Warner Hall)
MSB Materials Science Building
MUN Mary Munford House
NAU Nau Hall
NHL Newcomb Hall
NRN No Room Needed
NVA UVA/VT Center in Falls Church
OBS* McCormick Observatory
OCH Old Cabell Hall
OLS Olsson Hall
PBY Peabody Hall
PHS# Physics Building (assistance may be needed for freight elevator)
PV5 Pavilion V (no ADA access)
PV8* Pavilion VIII (no ADA access)
RAN# Randall Hall (first floor only)
RAO# National Radio Astronomy Observatory (first floor only)
RBT Robertson Hall
RDL Ridley Hall (previously known as RFN Ruffner)
REA* Nuclear Reactor
REC Slaughter Recreation Center
RICE Rice Hall
RSH Rouss Hall
RTN Rotunda
RUF Ruffin Hall
SHH Shea House
SHN Shannon House
SHW Student Health and Wellness
SLH Slaughter Hall
STB Barracks Stables
STC Stacey Hall
THN# Thornton Hall (D Wing, O Level not accessible)
WIL Wilson Hall
WIN Wintergreen Resort
WNR Warner Hall (no ADA access to the basement; access to first and second floors through separate doors) (previously known as MRY Maury Hall)
WSB Withers-Brown Hall
ZMA Zehmer Hall Annex
ZMR Zehmer Hall